Thursday, March 20, 2014

Moonrise over Ghost Ranch

A puma and a raven enjoy Moonrise at magical Ghost Ranch in New Mexico.   Everything about the place is magical, so why not?
14 x 11 Acrylic on canvas

Presently it is my intention to produce a limited number of prints on canvas.  I am working on a way to share income from all sales (40%) with selected animal rescue groups, so will retain original(s) for the moment. 
... and, for those of you interested in such things:  Red Oxide, Acra Red Orange, Yellow Oxide, a pinch of Hansa Yellow Lt, Ultramarine Blue, a bit of Diox Purple & Pthalo Blue.  Last but not least a little Ivory Black & Titanium White.  (I didn't reall have to use the Red Oxide or Hansa but I did. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Hate Georgia O'Keeffe (sometimes)

Other than skulls and roses, I frankly did not discover Georgia O'Keeffe until 1987, about a year after her death.  Someone told me my flowers and general point of view reminded them of her and showed me her "100 Flowers" book.  I was floored.  A couple of years later I was in New York and started working on some cityscapes.  At MOMA saw her NY book.  WTH?  More like hers than I could explain.  Talking point of view here.  
Then just a couple of weeks ago I was in her country and fell in love with what I called dancing trees.  Cottonwood stands in winter.  We went to a new exhibit at G O'K Museum in Santa Fe.  YEP.    OK mine won't look like hers, but DAMN!  
So here, from Ghost Ranch where she lived is my newest-to-be. .  I know she never painted an embracing cat/raven at moonrise.   
When I'm feeling woo-woo I think a bit of her spirit  found me after her death ....    
That or she was as absurdly far-sighted and maybe amblyopic as I am.