Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Charlie Blue - Signature Move

Our little Charlie, also known as our Spare Parts Kitty, once a very homely kitten we fostered along with his siblings, and who nobody wanted, has grown into himself over the past several years and is now absolutely adorable and I'm a fool for him.    (His sister Frida Kahlo of the startling monobrow, was adopted by a Frida devotee, and Oliver of the rusty black coat and strange eyebrow & whisker sprouts is still with us and has grown into a silky ebony beauty.)
That said, this is Charlie's signature pose that never fails to grab our attention and additional playtime, treats or smooches, which of course is why he does it.  And yes, much of the time Charlie wears that Worried Man look, though he truly isn't. 

This painting is 6x6, acrylic on canvas. 

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