Monday, May 2, 2016

10 X 10 Cover the World with Clay -- FIMO

Every time one of these opportunities comes along, I say "I WANT to do this and I WILL."  And then I don't.  I'm sure some of it is inertia, some wearing too many hats and not being particularly organized about it.  And some is my own shyness or reluctance when it comes to groups.  

SO, this Fiftieth celebration of FIMO and polymer clay was intriguing. An invitation to submit a 10x10 cm (about 4 inches) polymer clay tile.  These tiles will form an exhibit and will ultimately be sold to benefit two charitable efforts: One to aid children with heart disease, and one to aid indigenous women who produce art/craft items.

I almost "successfully" avoided it.  But on the very last day, lo and behold, a three day extension was declared.  It was the second extension and I thought...A SIGN.  So I decided to do it.  No excuses.

What to do?  As a painter I paint a LOT of cats, often blue since my interest is generally in "catness" as opposed to portraiture.  Other favorites include poppies and pears.  With polymer clay which I adore, partly because for some reason it permits me to take a much more abstract approach, I lean strongly toward mosaics, a long time love, but which, with clay, I find easier in terms of the technical stuff.  And lately I've been experimenting with metal leaf and alcohol inks. 

So, I took all that and made this, and while I see all manner of things I might tweak, I love him--his spirit.  As of this writing, he is on his way to Canada. 

Before making the above, I made the one below, but even though I like it very much, decided the mosaic wads much more expressive of everything I wanted to include. 

Materials were polymer clay, gold leaf, alcohol inks, a few metallic acrylic glazes (which is not as nice on big "cracks" as it can cloud the clay), and at the end 3 coats of PYM II. 

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