Monday, August 9, 2010

August 2010 Faux Leather & Turq Treasure Box

One of my newest pieces: A rich little treasure box just 2 x 3" in side all in polymer clay on a paper mache' base...faux leather, mosaic tiles using a modified mokumne gane technique, textured mosaic tesserae and genuine turquoise. The interior is a glossy black and mottled copper (paint)

The base is that most humble of Sculpey polymer clay: Good old school days terra cotta. When glazed with burnt umber acrylics and waxed with shoe polish it is just too good not to use. I used my extruder to define the primary channels, copper tube acrylic to color and as with the mokumne tiles and center textured tiles (done in tube bronze and copper) sealed with diamond clear finish.

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