Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24 PCAGOE Sept Challenge Entry

August 24 PCAGOE Sept Challenge
August 24 PCAGOE Sept Challenge,
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Pinks and pearls are not among my usual approaches, but the image dictated it to me so that's where we went together. All of the clay is pearl. The pink (left from a faux coral experiment) and greens (from faux jade) were blended with a bit of white and pearl and blended and marbled until I liked them. The textured tiles are from one of my own carved design plates., and it is the first time I've used it.
After gessoing (with unbleached titanium gesso, the box was painted first with iridescent white and then interference green.
The pearls added themselves. I didn't even remember that I had pink ones.
Thanks to Lynda Moseley (SC Diva) for your generous sharing of your excellent tutorial!

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