Thursday, March 15, 2018

I'm Getting Too Old For This** Part 1

**It's not exactly that, but  being realistic there is NO WAY I can finish all the things I've got some or all of the stuff for, unless of course, I figure out how to live for another 126 years WITHOUT BUYING A SINGLE THING.    Right.     I don't want to refer to them as orphans or destash, because while I've got some of that too, these things have been lovingly kept in my "Someday" place. 

To be completely honest, I don't remember exactly when I made these, though 2011-ish would be about right.  I was very interested in Mokumne gane, rickrack blades and the like, and made all sorts of beads and bits willy-nilly, enjoying myself with no particular end in mind.   


OK, so I have these pieces  and they are really pretty, but I know I'm never going to finish the set.  They need new eyes and a fresh heart.  The pendant is 1 3/8" long -- 1 5/8 including bail. It is slightly wedged shaped as so many of my things are, and a bit over 1 3/8" wide at the widest point.  As for the beads, they are somewhat peculiar. Three are drilled only halfway through. I'm quite sure this means they had something to do with the closure as I often did this.  Why three? I don't know.  They are a tad over 5/8" and one is chubbier than the others.   Then there are two fully drilled beads, one short (1/2") and one tall (3/4").  They are all, as I mentioned,  quite pretty, highly buffed with a nice bit of sparkle in the combination of gold and copper clay.

Please adopt them and make something beautiful.  They're in my etsy shop. 

They're only $7.50