Sunday, October 4, 2015

Evolution of Two Tuxedos

Two Tuxedos*    

Session 1-4 ...   12 x 10  Acrylic on canvas. 

Originally there were no flowers planned. I did develop the flowers--reds & roses, but after an overnight got rid of them. 
I also decided to use the following colors only: Napthol Red Light, Yellow Oxide, and Pthalo Blue.  The background was black gesso post-flower debacle, and the tiniest trace of Hansa Yellow Light, Ivory Black & Titanium White was used on their beautiful eyes.  White gesso was used for the whiskers.  It flows so nicely.  (I used acrylic white ink once--that was a disaster.  The stuff wiped right off)

By session 4 everything except my favorite part (eyes) and scariest (whiskers) was finished.
I generally add whiskers only when I feel it enhances the cats, not because of the scary (precision) factor but because they often add nothing for me. And they're scary to do. 

The second photo is (obviously, I hope) the finished piece.   I love this painting.  I love the way they fit together, and I love the way they watch you with their loving eyes.
I think their whiskers are pretty nifty too.

*title subject to change

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